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Electrical Engineering

B.E. in Electrical Engineering have a good scope in market. Today each and every machinery is operated by using electricity. New Electrical Appliances, Motors, Generators, Transformers, Electrical Energy Conservation and Generation have been taken under this stream

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BCA Program through Distance Learning Mode Makes Your Career Fast

October 11th, 2013

BCA Program Distance learning Mode is one of the best and most sought after information technology programs offered at bachelor’s level. This amazing program can not only arm the students with right degree, but also resourceful information on different aspects of computer applications.  BCA Program Distance learning Mode is not just any other course of study that will provide you with a bachelor’s degree so that you are proud enough to say -“I am a graduate.” It is one of its kind degrees that is technical, and has various modules. With BCA Program Distance learning Mode, you can also take the flight to earn a post-graduation in the computer applications and increase your chances of getting selected by the HR of corporate companies.

In today’s scenario, computing and information technology is playing significant role. Everything we do or create requires knowledge of computing and high end technology. With BCA Program Distance learning Mode, you are delving into serious study of computer applications that would eventually place you at higher end, where you will start feeling secured about your future. Earning a BCA through the distance learning mode has become quite easy. It is because there are several accredited universities which are offering BCA programs through the distance learning mode. The best part is that the programs are updated and at par with the international standards. New modules are continuously added for the very reason that the course remains updated and the global learning standards.

When enrolling for the BCA degree program, it is very important that you make the right choice of institute. It is your responsibility to make sure that the distance learning institute is offering you the best course of study that will fulfill your dreams and you will be proud to call yourself a software engineer. Another significant point that you need to take into consideration here is the distance of study center from your home. If the study center of the university offering BCA program is far from your home, obviously, you need to think seriously of your choice. Keep in your mind that BCA degree program offered through distance learning mode is designed only to make you comfortable and not add complexities in your life.

The admission to BCA degree program is done on 12th basis and the prospective candidate should have passed the 12th standard exam before he/she enrolls for it. The program is of 3 years, and it prepares you for the IT industry.

NIBS: The Knowledge Center

NIBS take the pride in offering high quality and global standard BCA programs through the distance learning mode. The knowledge center has experienced faculty and provides good and effective training, besides ensuring high end learning. At NIBS, every effort is made to make learning easy, and let the BCA aspirants build career in field of computing. NIBS is a state of art distance learning institute having the accreditation of Norway Accreditation Board. All distance learning education programs have been affiliated to Council of Distance Learning. We are committed towards distance learning education.

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Student Testimonials

Great institute with terrific staff! One of the best institutes for distance learning courses.

NIBS is one of the quality Management Institute Providing International Certification Courses for Engineering and Management.

Best institute in india and abroad for distance engineering courses.. Really nice place for students to build their career .

NIBS is doing well to educate working students. Its very easy to complete your study through correspondence program for various courses. Students of NIBS are getting promotion into their Job all over India. I also recomend qualified NIBS Students to Place in Our Company.Dr. K.P. Singh

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