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Electrical Engineering

B.E. in Electrical Engineering have a good scope in market. Today each and every machinery is operated by using electricity. New Electrical Appliances, Motors, Generators, Transformers, Electrical Energy Conservation and Generation have been taken under this stream

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Is Doing M.E. in Correspondence Worthwhile?

March 13th, 2014

Do I really need to opt for M.E. (M. Tech)? or just start finding a job? Should I go for some professional course and apply for jobs? What should I do? I’m totally confused about my career & future. I want to do the best with my life but I don’t know how.

These are some of the common questions that almost every engineering pass-out has in mind. But still, the answers to these depend on the student and his/her priorities in life. If you are free from family responsibilities or financial issues then you can go for M. Tech as it can take your career to new heights. But if you are having work & family commitments, this is where distance learning M. Tech comes into play. B. Tech or B.E. pass-outs can start looking for a job and after getting a satisfying job they can go for M.E. in correspondence while working simultaneously. Read on to discover more about the significance of distance learning M.E./M. Tech program.

Higher Positions in Short Time
The students with only a B. Tech degree find themselves not capable enough to compete with top students for finding jobs in big companies like Google, Infosys, Microsoft etc. And trying to reach there with experience in smaller companies consume a lot of years. But, while working, if you go for an M. Tech degree program by distance, it will help you climb up to the higher positions in big companies is a short time.

More Insight into the Subjects
As a working professional you become mature enough to get complete insight into the subjects. In addition to that, by gaining practical experience from your work you can get more exposed to applications. And hence, you can apply it in your work and increase your skills.

Getting an Extra Edge
Another advantage of doing M.E/M. Tech in correspondence is that it adds an extra value to your education and is surely beneficial in long run. As you can see that educational qualification is getting more & more important in today’s competitive world, you will be given preference over others not having an M. Tech degree.

Opportunities in Managerial Level
B. Tech/B.E. degree holders are much involved in coding, copy pasting the codes, software testing, documentation & reporting etc. Those having masters degree in engineering can go for a much better profile like giving new ideas, presentations, maintenance management which is one of the most important & interesting job profiles. In short, having M.E. in distance learning you have the chance to move up to managerial level.

Opportunities in Lecturer-ship
Masters in Engineering is the best eligibility criteria for lecturer-ship with a high starting pay scale. Apart from that, it also reduces the stress & tension of private sector jobs. Being a lecturer, you can get a lot to learn about latest trending technologies. In short, lecturer-ship is much peaceful and reliable than a private sector company job.

Finally, if you are Bachelors, then your salary increment will obviously be less than that of the increment of Masters. And you can imagine your salary package after 10 years or so. The decision is all yours. Good Luck!

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Student Testimonials

Great institute with terrific staff! One of the best institutes for distance learning courses.

NIBS is one of the quality Management Institute Providing International Certification Courses for Engineering and Management.

Best institute in india and abroad for distance engineering courses.. Really nice place for students to build their career .

NIBS is doing well to educate working students. Its very easy to complete your study through correspondence program for various courses. Students of NIBS are getting promotion into their Job all over India. I also recomend qualified NIBS Students to Place in Our Company.Dr. K.P. Singh

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