Distance Learning Electrical Engineering

Electrical systems are demanded everywhere as they are the major examples of the development of today’s world, so are the electrical engineers. Engineers specialized in electrical have revolutionized the whole world with advanced technologies such as television, radio, computers, electric power systems and medical imaging to name just a few of them.

Correspondence electrical engineering course at NIBS will provide distance learners with the knowledge of electrical engineering skills and technical skills required to design, evaluate and develop electrical systems.

If you’re fascinated with the working of electrical devices and have a deep interest in physics and math, then you already possess some of the key electrical engineering skills and an electrical engineering degree is perhaps for you.

NIBS offers diploma, B.E, and M.E in part time electrical engineering course for distance learners. After graduating from our institute as an Electrical engineer, you can expect to be involved in designing and building a variety of electrical devices.

Part Time Electrical Engineering Courses

Electrical engineering offers great career prospects in several parts of the globe. Electrical engineers can utilize their technical knowledge and can invent, modify and maintain the electrical equipments and with that they can earn reputed income.

Being an electrical engineer, you can have the opportunity to work on multidisciplinary projects as a part of the team. Based on your responsibility and the scale of the project, you can expect to be involved in one or every stage of design, development, and maintenance.

Graduates of Distance electrical engineering course at NIBS will be eligible to work in multidisciplinary industries and fields. Electrical engineering distance learning graduates are known to get few transferable skills and due to these skills, if they opt not to go directly into the sector of electrical engineering, they may have great opportunities in other sectors too, like business and finance.

By the end of the course, our students develop an advanced understanding of the theory and as well as the technology of the electrical systems. They are also taught about the equipment to use and safe working methods. Our faculties who have years of experience in electrical engineering will guide you through every step.

At NIBS, our diploma in electrical engineering distance education course is designed to provide training for those who desire to work at a reputed level in the electrical sector. Our aim is to provide adequate knowledge and quality education to the students in order to sharpen their skills and capabilities.

NIBS offer following Electrical Engineering Distance Learning courses:

Distance Learning Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering (DEE)

Electrical engineering from distance education has the equal value as bachelors & masters. In distance learning diploma electrical engineering course, the students are crafted out by professionals in such a way that they prepare to face the challenges lying in the ever-changing world of technology. As every organization looks forward to hire competent professionals, this course helps the aspirants to gain knowledge as well as efficiency in the field of electrical engineering and at the same time design and analyze structures that are helpful in building or supporting loads. A certified engineer can further do well in the projects across the world.

Distance Learning Bachelor Course in Electrical Engineering(BE)

A part time bachelor course in electrical engineering offers great career opportunities to the aspiring engineers. As technology keeps on upgrading day by day, electrical engineering is of those fields of technology that has a wide usage in every aspect of modern era. Be it electrical power generators or global positioning system, electrical engineers has a vital role to play. Through a distance learning bachelors in electrical engineering, students are motivated learn all the concerned operations of every aspect. At the same time, this course also aims to cover the aspects of control techniques and designing electrical machines.

Distance Learning Master Course in Electrical Engineering(ME)

Being one of the most coveted courses, electrical engineering has a good market scope and a correspondence electrical engineering master course is designed in such a way that the students undergo a rigorous training towards their studies. This course is valid for promotion and recruitment in various states as well as central government and various private organizations. As most of the modern day machinery is operated by using electricity and also requires the skill of an expert engineer to deal with various electrical appliances like generators, transformers, and motors, therefore having a master degree in electrical engineering is must after bachelors.

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Course Only For Working Person.
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