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Correspondence Engineering Course 

Distance learning comes as a blessing for aspirants who can’t leave their jobs but also want to gain advance knowledge through high education for better career opportunities. Not everyone is that lucky to first complete their higher studies and then move towards earning for livelihood. Our part time engineering courses allow you for higher studies and earn simultaneously.

Engineering is one of the very reputed courses that educate you how to design processes and produce products to resolve the real-world problems. Engineering has always been on the top of modernization over the years, developing necessary technologies and inventories that have reformed the world. Our Correspondence engineering courses allow you to get versatile with the engineering knowledge, perception, skills and experience in the best possible manner to organize you for a bright career.

NIBS is one of the leading distance learning engineering courses provider that offers high-standard education across the globe. We offer high quality part time engineering courses, developing multiple engineering disciplines.

Part Time Engineering Courses At NIBS

Over the past few years, NIBS have acquired a distinct place of honor among the different correspondence engineering institutes, owing to its state of art infrastructure and innovative teaching methods. Our primary goal is to polish our students’ knowledge as much as we can to train them for module exams and also to ensure success in their preferred fields.

Quality is the key feature of the NIBS and that’s why it has stood up to every student’s choice as the best distance learning engineering institute. Getting a job with high package is the dream of every student in India. We at NIBS are devoted to support & help you at each step of your journey to fulfill your much desired dream by refining your skills and shaping your career.

Our preference is to push our students towards success and make them become life-learners through our top-notch quality teaching. We have the team of knowledgeable and expert academicians having experience of years. They are always there to help students solving their query throughout the session and also, during the placements.

After the completion of your course from NIBS, you are completely trained and knowledgeable in your specific field, which gives you an edge over other distance learning engineering students. Our students are highly demanded by the companies and they continue to have good careers in all the major fields.

We offer both degree and diploma level correspondence engineering courses. The following specializations are accessible across different engineering disciplines:

distance it course

Distance IT Programs

Distance learning engineering courses allows students to root degree programs into their rest of the lives through a high quality and worthy approach. Learning IT programs through distance learning gives liberty to the students to select their preferred curriculum even while they are joined with some company to earn a living.

Distance Computer Science Engineering

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering allows aspirants to build the bridge between technology and innovation. The engineering course is the best choice for skilled aspirants to develop and assess the major elements of computer technology within the pleasure of their home or work place that further by allows them to be a destined senior level employee.

Distance  Electronics & Communication Engineering

The scope of electronics and communication engineering is broad and emerging. The demand of part time learning in this programme has been dignified by the increasing authority in IT infrastructure around the world. The career opportunities that students get by this course are aviation, media, electronics, computer application, aeronautics, medical diagnostics, etc.

Distance Electrical Engineering

Part time diploma in electrical engineering is one of the much demanded engineering courses. Major reputed industries prefer certified Electrical Engineers rather than unskilled and untrained graduates and hence learning this course will allow aspirants to learn skilled values and expand their expertise at electrical science, computer application and electronics. The course comprises from the fundamentals to hybrid transmission of power into both theoretical and practical electrical science.

distance mechanical engineering

Distance Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is integrated to allow students to go through few complicated challenges that the industry gives, flexible with motion, energy and force. Part time learning helps aspiring engineers to comprehend the basic as well as the complex elements of mechanical system so as to exploit their skills jointly at work.

Distance Civil Engineering

One of the primeval engineering programs, correspondence civil engineering educates engineers on multiple civil engineering elements, for e.g., construction, maintenance, renovation, structural machines, calculation, infrastructures and buildings.. The requirement of certified engineers for big projects is immense which includes airports, harbors, roads, railways, defense, erecting industries etc.

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Course Only For Working Person.
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