4 Myths about Distance Learning Management Course

The modern education system brings us the advantage of studying through online distance learning and this has undoubtedly proved a boon for the present generation’s youth and their career. But the sad fact is that there are still many myths and fads prevailing regarding distance mode of education. Keeping a special focus on the management courses provided through online distance learning mode, here are some myths that people have about such courses:

Distance learning MBA Course

Myth 1 : Good and trained professors do not want to teach online:

There are various universities that offer different management courses through online learning mode in the form of degrees, diplomas, or certificates but people are of the opinion that good as well as highly qualified professors do not want to waste their time teaching the students online. Why would they want to teach for two days a week instead of being a regular lecturer and getting a better pay.

Myth 2 : Online students are not smart:

Another illusion that is being followed since years in the context of distance learning management courses is that the students who enroll for online distance learning management courses like MBA or Diploma in Management are not as smart as the ones who attend a regular college. It is believed that they are not bold and confident enough to conquer the world and the face the challenges that come their way while moving out for a job, business, or any training.

Myth 3 : Online Courses are not acceptable for Job:

Online courses are not accepted by reputed employers or companies are also one of the myths that boggle the minds of the people today. On the contrary, companies prefer to employ the ones undergoing online programs as their employees don’t have to leave the job in order to pursue higher education and at the same time they gain a more skilled workforce.

Myth 4 : Respected universities do not offer online distance learning:

The last but not the least, respected universities do not offer education through online learning is another one in the list. But, as a matter of fact, various reputed and prestigious colleges and universities offer n number of distance learning courses. Ironically, the highly professional course i.e. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is offered through distance education and most of the students prefer to go for an online MBA degree instead of one from the traditional colleges.

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