Best Job Oriented Courses After B.Tech in Civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most important and oldest branches of engineering. Even when the word ‘civil’ and ‘engineering’ was not coined, people have been using the techniques of this field. Anything that deals with the construction or design of the structures or items of civil use is the part of civil engineering. Men have been building houses, roads, bridges, and towers from the longest times known.

Today, we construct a number of infrastructures using this field of engineering.  Every structure you see around yourself has been the gift of civil engineering to the mankind. This means that civil engineering is a field that will always be required and civil engineers will always remain in demand.

By completing a degree in civil engineering, you will gain thorough knowledge of this field. This will make you eligible for a number of lucrative jobs. However, today civil engineering incorporates lots of modern technologies and systems. Having the knowledge of additional technologies can truly enhance your growth prospects. This is why it is a great idea to go for some job oriented courses after B.Tech in civil engineering. Here is a list of some of these courses.

Architectural Modeling

There is a big demand for the people who have the knowledge and understanding of Revit architecture. Structures can be realistically 3D modelled with the help of this technology. It also helps with MEP drawings. This is why more and more civil engineers are opting for this course.

Non-linear modelling certification

Linear modelling is something which is very common in the civil engineering courses. However, non-linear modelling takes the things a few notches further. There is a great demand for civil engineers who have the expertise in the non-linear structural modelling. By opting for this job-oriented course the students get better insight into this technology.

Auto cad

The companies employing the civil engineers expect them to have expertise in the drafting software. Auto cad is the most widely used drafting program and hence the expertise in it would be a big plus. This program makes it easier for you to create top-grade reinforcement detailing and also to draw elevations.

Structural Design

one of the basic skills that every civil engineer is expected to posses is the ability to analyze the structures. With the evolution in the computing technologies, many effective structural design software programs have been developed that help the engineers with the effective analysis of the structures. Knowledge of STAAD Pro and ETABS will definitely play to your advantage.

Certification in advanced dynamics

Many structures use the dynamic systems that are really complex. Analysing, observing, and putting the equations of motion in application is an important aspect of civil engineering now a days. There are some reputed institutes that offer courses in the advanced dynamics.

Piping courses

Piping design course is a must for mechanical as well as civil engineers. There are short term and long term courses available that you can enrol into. Piping design and drafting, pipe stress analysis, and knowledge of other aspects of piping technology can come very handy.

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