Which Specialization Is Best In MBA After Engineering?

Most of the engineering students believe that it is in their best interest to pursue a technical course after engineering. However, when you will analyze the market and see the kind of skill sets required to do really well in the corporate world, you will realize that technical expertise would not be good enough. Especially if you are someone who is eying a position in the senior management, you will need more than the technical knowledge. While an engineering certificate will get you a job, to sail through to the top you must consider pursuing the MBA specialization. Even if you wish to become an accomplished entrepreneur you will need to pursue MBA.

The real question – which specialization?

Looking at the number of engineers who are opting for the MBA these days, it doesn’t seem that opting for a management course is not really a very tough decision.  But, when you have finally made up your mind to pursue MBA after engineering, the question that pushes you into dilemma is, “which specialization to go for?”

Many engineering students do not even consider ‘finance’ as a MBA specialization for variety of reasons. Many believe that competing in the Finance field with the economics and commerce background would be next to impossible. Others are discouraged from choosing finance because there aren’t a lot of openings in this field. Finance is a difficult subject and getting scores would not be all that easy.

But, finance has emerged as one of the most preferred specialization choices for the engineers for many reasons. The engineers who are still doubtful about it need to broaden their thinking horizon and see it in a different light. Instead of asking ‘why finance’ ask yourself ‘why not?’ You will truly be surprised to see how obvious finance will appear as a choice.

There are actually many opportunities

While pursuing the course in engineering you whet your analytical and mathematical skills. These skills come very handy when it comes to understanding finance subjects like economics and accounts. Your engineering skills make it easy for you to find the solutions to the problems in a more practical way.

As far as employability is concerned, you will be surprised to know that and engineer with MBA in finance has much greater chances of finding a desirable job than anyone else. There are so many roles you can play, such as that of a finance manager, marketing manager, and accounts manager in various industries. If you have the right skill set and knowledge, IT companies, manufacturing industries, and banks will be more than happy to hire you. Today, finance goes hand in glove with the technology.

Is MBA in finance the only choice?

Specialization in finance after engineering is definitely a great choice; but it is not the only one. Your choice depends a great deal upon your personal preferences too. For instance, if you believe that you have greater acumen for marketing than numbers, specialization in Marketing would be a more reasonable choice. Figure out what you really need and choose accordingly.

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