5 Reasons Distance Learning will Change the Higher Studies in India

As a breakthrough from traditional class room mode learning, Distance Education has gained immense popularity in India as it has helped millions of students to realise their educational aspiration who have failed to attend campus based full time classes. The medium of open and distance learning has grown exponentially in the last few decades and it has provided a platform to the students to gain knowledge on a spectrum of subject areas. In a country like India, distance learning is a platform and scope towards advancement and an integral feature of Higher Education system of the country. It is managed and monitored by Distance Education Council. In fact, Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the top five open universities in the world considering the number of students enrolled under it.

There are many reasons to believe that Distance learning is beneficial for the students of the country and it will have positive impact on higher studies in India. This is because

  1. Earn while Learn: The greatest advantage of open learning is one can pursue studies while having an employment. So for all those for whom earning and gaining financial independence was important can do the same without compromising with Higher studies
  2. Save Money: Distance education courses in most cases are quite affordable in compared to the on campus courses.
  3. Access all over: One of the greatest features of distance learning which help the people of India is access even in the remote locations. Travelling to colleges from remote places becomes a problem for education enthusiast. But with various channel support like portal’s, online platform etc distance education can be done from anywhere, anytime
  4. Recognition from Employers: The best news is distance learning is getting acknowledged by employers in the country which helps its popularity.
  5. Flexibility: Many people for different circumstances get cut off from main stream learning. Distance learning gives a platform to return back and start afresh.
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