5 Study Tips for Upcoming Board Exams

Board exams are an important part in the life of every student. It decides the future course of action and his entire career depends upon the percentage scored in these exams. Well, when exams are so important then their preparation should also be done sincerely.

Here are 5 tips that would be helpful for upcoming board exams:

  • Prepare and execute a study plan: A study schedule should be prepared and strictly implemented. Following a properly made plan and studying according to it helps the students crack the exams with flying colours. Studying as per a time table allows time for leisure activities as well, which are also required so as to keep the mind away from exam fear.
  • Positive attitude: Keeping positive attitude during board exams helps the students to a great extent. It boosts their confidence and pushes them towards the door to success. Having self-confidence reflects and defines the personality of the student and is a reflector of his or her personality as well.
  • A few hours before the exam: Cramming or studying something just before the exam time would do no good to any student. Instead, it would lead the student to the state of confusion. Writing the exam in a baffled state of mind could make the entire paper go wrong leading to poor grades for the scholars.
  • Avoid Cramming: Cramming mixes the topics and at the same time makes the students feel low confident about themselves. This has a negative effect on their performance in the exam.
  • A night before the exams: The night before the exams is very crucial for the performance in the exams. Cramming lessons should also be avoided a night before the exam as it would again create confusion in the mind and the retaining capacity also gets reduced.

Hence, while preparing for the board exams hard work and smart work both should go hand in hand.

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