Are Distance Learning Degrees Recognized?

Major concern that students have once they contemplate pursuing a distance education degree is that the value of the degree when it involves employment opportunities. From a student’s point of view, the worth of a degree is directly proportional to its return on investment (ROI). So if a student plans to take a position, time, money and energy in pursuing a course, he expects it to offer him good returns – and for many students good returns usually translates to an honest job placement after graduation.

From this attitude , how do distance learning programs score? Are the utilization opportunities in India after distance education at par with the location options after a daily campus degree?

Distance Education Offers Good ROI

Statistics and surveys show that distance education still features a great distance to travel and achieve as far as job placements after graduation cares the work opportunities that a distance education from an Open University like IGNOU offer might pale ahead of the packages offered to IIM graduates, but if we take a comparative check out the ROI, distance learning degrees don’t fare that bad either. If we look at the affordable and cost-effective distance learning programmes offered by various open universities in India , then the placements offered by them are literally good returns on the investment we put in!

Distance Learning May Cause Better Careers And Promotions Through Acquired Skill-Sets

The various specialized distance learning courses that are on offer in India can thus help working professionals climb up the company ladder. Another degree, certification, skill can reflect well on your resume and distance education is one among the foremost convenient ways to realize that. With most of the universities in India offering distance learning opportunities and online degrees and certificates – Job opportunities and professional growth after distance education are a particular possibility.

Distance Education For Freshers vs. Distance Education For Professionals

This trend underlines the important fact that lots and lots of distance education candidates are indeed working as professionals who want to continue with their education and upgrade their skills to perform much better at work. At an equivalent time, it might be unrealistic for a fresher armed with a distance learning degree to expect to urge hired by top-notch companies directly .

Placement cells of universities from where you are having your distance learning program may help you with getting job opportunities.

Most of the schools and colleges offering distance education and learning programs now have established in-house placement cells that actively seek to urge their students to be placed in reputed multinationals, government jobs, and therefore the various parts of the private sector. These placement cells confirm that each one registered students get help with job placements, counselling for employment and even self employment.

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