B.Sc. in Engineering vs Bachelor of Engineering vs Diploma in Engineering

About Engineering

Engineering is a branch of science and technology, deals with with the invention, usage, design and maintenance of machines, devices, materials, systems etc. Engineering is a broad discipline of science and technology which includes several sub disciplines such as mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, mining, naval, army, aerospace, aeronautics, automobile, computer, textile and many more.

Now, most of the aspirants who opts for science goes for the non medical stream (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) just because they aspirations is to become a successful engineer. There are three undergraduate courses in engineering available B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) in Engineering, BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and DE (Diploma in Engineering). Some aspirants consider B.Sc. in Technology, B Tech and Diploma in Technology also as engineering courses, yes they are engineering courses but partly, because they are related to technology which is a part of engineering, for short and simple engineering taught you how to invent or how to discover or how to made a machine while technology taught you to improve that existing machine or device or system.

Here, we are going to discuss about all the available under graduate course programs in engineering one by one.

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) in Engineering is a simple B.Sc. course with a specialization in engineering. As we all know that B.Sc. is a traditional course in science, so it includes lots of theoretical knowledge and very less practical knowledge. This course is good for those students who want to go for M Phil (Master of Philosophy) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in engineering. If you want to do research in engineering and want to learn about the whole phenomena of engineering then this course is exactly for you. Yes, you will face problems in searching a job but after an instance of time you will earn a lot more than an engineer with degree of BE or with diploma of DE. You have to pass 12th with non medical (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) to pursue this 3 year under graduate course.

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) is a professional degree course in engineering. This is a professional degree course, therefore it is a blend of a traditional degree course and diploma course which provide a perfect applied knowledge of engineering which is required in a professional environment. This is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge of engineering and practical knowledge of engineering. After doing this course you will get a job very quickly and easily and start earning a very good salary from the very beginning and always earn opportunities to develop your skills which help you to earn a huge salary. You have to pass 12th with non-medical (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths) to pursue this 4-year undergraduate course divided into 6 semesters of 6 months.

DE (Diploma in Engineering) is a professional course in engineering which provide a lot of practical knowledge and all necessary theoretical knowledge about engineering, that’s why this is a diploma course in engineering. After doing this you will get a job of junior engineer or a supervisor and you will get a handy salary package which is quite less in comparison to someone who holds the degree of either B.Sc. in Engineering or BE, but you will get job quickly than a B.Sc. degree holder. The eligibility criteria is that you have to be a 10th passed only then you can pursue this 3 year long diploma course consists of 6 months long 6 semesters. There is an option for you, if you are 12th passed then you will get the lateral admission and you will get diploma in 2 years instead of 3 years.

Final Words
Engineering is an evergreen discipline which always holds vast opportunities with it and it is also engaged with the toughest competition nowadays, so if you are going for a career in engineering then take it seriously and pay your kind attention towards all the aspects of engineering, because engineering is a kind of discipline which demands dedication, motivation, devotion, hard work, focus, concentration, attention, activeness, idea of innovation towards it, with these qualities you can tackle any challenge of engineering. Wish you a lot of luck!

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