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Electrical Engineering

B.E. in Electrical Engineering have a good scope in market. Today each and every machinery is operated by using electricity. New Electrical Appliances, Motors, Generators, Transformers, Electrical Energy Conservation and Generation have been taken under this stream

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BBA vs B.Com: Facts & Advices that will Kill Your Confusion

July 12th, 2014

Have you completed 12th in commerce? And finding yourself confused about the career path you want to opt for? Having dilemma whether to choose B.Com or to go for BBA? Need to know the differences between the two and how similar these degrees are? Are you wondering which one will serve you better in future?

Don’t be one of the students who just jump into any of the fields blindly without analyzing their skills and interests. Look at yourself, listen to your inner voice, take aptitude and personality tests, search for career guidance blogs online and if required, seek for an expert career counselor.

Well, in order to clear up your confusion about BBA & BCom, here are some facts and advices. Let’s get into details!

Reliable Facts

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
The B.Com program is designed to provide the students with knowledge of a wide range of commerce related subjects such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Management, Law and a lot more. The course imparts analytical and problem solving skills in the students and make them able to take quick decisions and to plan & implement efficient solutions. Know more about B.Com

Career Paths After BCom
After completing B.Com, students have the choice to try for jobs in various fields like accountancy, banking, stock market, finance and taxation consultation. Furthermore they can go for post graduate opportunities such as CA, MBA, CMA, Law, M.Com, International Studies and various others. A B.Com degree holder has way more diverse & varied opportunities than that of BBA degree holder. Almost all the universities, colleges and institutes in India provides BCom program. And a master course after the degree will set you apart in the competitive marketplace.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
BBA is a professional degree course, and is imparted by lesser universities or colleges when compared to B.Com. BBA is outlined to provide leadership and entrepreneurial qualities among the students. It is more focused on business skills development. Subjects include, but not limited to Marketing Management, Operations Management, Business Policies, Behavioural Techniques, Capital Markets. Know more about BBA

Career Paths After BBA
After earning a BBA degree, students may try their luck in some entry level marketing job. But in order to get a good job they can go for masters degree i.e. MBA. in some particular specialization Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations etc. Thus a BBA course restrictedly leads to an MBA. You don’t have much choices to opt for any other postgraduate course.

Expert Advice

Go for BBA if you have one and only target to jump into management career and you are confident that you have aptitude related to business and management only. Though you are eligible to pursue an MBA after BCom, but MBA proves to be more beneficial if backed up by a BBA background. So, opt for BBA after 10+2 if you have only aim to become an MBA graduate.

Go for B.Com if you are interested in learning finance to control economic conditions of an organization and if you love playing with numbers. If you wish to learn variety of skills during bachelor course, to go for higher studies other than MBA and want to jump into the fields of formal finance like CA, then opt for B.Com after your 12th class.

Tip: Career should be chosen keeping in mind one’s aptitude, skills, interest, personality, inner voice and various other factors. Take your time, decide what you want, set your target and go ahead!
Hope you are more confident now after reading the blog: BBA vs B.Com

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