Few Best Short term Courses after Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

After completing the diploma course in mechanical engineering, you may be looking to hone your skills and knowledge further to enhance the job prospects in this field. By pursuing the following courses, you can achieve your objectives.

Piping Design Course

If you are looking for a very job-oriented course that can make you ready for the industry then Piping design course is the one you should go for. There are many institutes that offer short term courses (usually 6 months) as well as long term engineering courses. A lot of experts from this field of engineering recommend the candidates to have ample amount of knowledge in piping design and it can be acquired by opting for such a course. A lot of mechanical engineering concepts are the part of this course and hence it becomes more relevant for the engineers or professionals in this field.

Some of the short term courses in piping include:

  • Piping drafting and design certificate courses
  • Pipe stress analysis certificate course
  • Certificate courses in piping technology

By pursuing the course in the piping design, you can open the opportunity avenues in various industries including merchant navy, chemical industry, manufacturing units, and petroleum refineries. All these industries require piping specialists.

Robotics Course

Robotics is another advanced field of study for those who have completed the diploma in Mechanical Engineering. In fact, a number of existing professionals pursue this course alongside their job to open doors to new opportunities. As the name suggests, Robotics is the study of the design, science, and manufacturing of the robots. It is considered to be one of the most specialized subtopics of mechanical engineering. The robotics technology has evolved dramatically over the last few years. It finds its applications in a number of sectors and industries, thereby increasing the demands for the robotic engineers.

Some of the courses offered:

  • Automation engineering and robotics short term courses
  • Certificate courses in mechatronics
  • Crash courses in robotics and artificial intelligence

There are a lot of prospects for the robotic engineers in various sectors including microchip manufacturing companies, space research organizations, automotive industries, medical industry, military, and more.

Certificate courses in Control Valve maintenance, selection and sizing

Control valves find their applications in a number of machineries, appliances and industries. Those who are interested in learning more about the control valves can opt for the short term courses on maintenance, selection and sizing. Control valves are extensively used to control various independent parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, volume and more.

Certificate course in advanced dynamics

For mechanical engineers, learning the concepts of dynamics is not the icing on the cake – in many ways it is one of the main ingredients of this field. The concepts of motions are there to be learnt to understand and maintain the complex dynamic systems. The short term certificate courses can be pursued after the diploma in mechanical engineering. The understanding of advanced dynamics enhances job opportunities in nearly many fields including aviation, automobile, and more.

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