Best Way To Prepare For An Entrance Exam

This is the end of the month of April and all types of board exams which include CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and other State Board exams. Now the race to admission for graduation courses and other various courses which can be done only after 12th has been started. Some students go for traditional degree courses, some will choose professional degree courses while the remaining are looking forward to the various diploma and certificate courses. In some courses you will get admission on the basis of your marks that you will secure in your 12th while remaining will require an entrance test and that could be of various types and of multiple stages that depends on the university, college and institute that what are their criterion and expectations from their students and what is the way of their selection.

Myth: Many students specially who are aspiring to go for B Tech (Bachelor of Technology) from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), believes that if they started preparing for JEE from the very beginning of their 11th they will pass their 12th easily.

Reality: This is a totally wrong thinking and practice if any of the reader of this blog have this myth in their mind then please don’t do it, it will only ruin your time and may be life.

Actually, after 10th you went to the stream of your choice and capability, you get more options to choose if you score more in your 10th. Now suppose you went to a school for getting admission to 11th and you secure very high percentage of marks or grades then you have all the 3 options open for you. You get this opportunity because you worked hard during your 10th and focuses on getting admission in the best stream.

Similarly in 11th and 12th you have to work hard to understand the topics and all their aspects because during these 2 years you learn about them deeply, all the concepts will become clear to you and that helps you to crack the entrance exam you wish to crack.

So, focus on securing more marks in 12th by hard work, smart work but the main thing is that all the concepts need to be totally clear. After your exams you are done with them, now you can focus totally over entrance exam, here you need to be swift and correct, so practice short methods to solve technical questions like of reasoning aptitude, quantitative aptitude and all the similar topics. If you have all the concepts were clear during that period, it will take much less time to solve these questions to you, either you go for short and tricky methods or the conventional methods.

As I mentioned above that many aspirants start preparing since they get admission in 11th even I have seen some of those students who started preparing since they were in 6th, 7th or 8th but most of them started during 11th or after end of 10th exams. This add extra pressure on student, remember every student has an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) level, you can push their limits but not frequently or not even at that early stage and you can’t make them to cross their limits, so handle the mind of these students with care.

So the best way according to me is first of all focus on your primary education which is your 10th and 12th this enables you to conquer with your upcoming problems that you will face in your higher studies. So, make all the concepts clear during your school education which is up to 12th and you can prepare for your aspiring entrance exam but not with that much pressure so that it can harm your school studies, you can prepare for that in your spare time, you also need to take care of your mind and body by doing some physical activities like playing outdoor games, physical exercise, swimming, running, jogging, yoga meditation and many more, because “A sound mind lives in a healthy body”. After your 12th exam you have enough time to prepare yourself for any entrance exam.

So, if you have or haven’t appeared in 12th exams this year or your children are at this stage then follow these steps this will help you for sure and you will see that you or your child is succeeding in studies. Good Luck!

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