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During the Third and fourth year of engineering course, engineering students start getting worried about what to try to to after completing the course. There are many career opportunities expecting you outside your college. All you would like is to grab some knowledge regarding these jobs and spend a while in learning the skill required in these jobs. Having clear about what you would like to try to to in your life can assist you in landing successful career.
Below we’ve given some options which you’ll consider after completing your BTech course.
1. Job after graduation (B.Tech) – Most of the engineering grad student opts for job after completion of their course. Job opportunities are excellent after engineering. Engineering colleges also offer campus placement for his or her students. it’s better to urge job during a company through campus placements because it is difficult to urge job after you’re out of the school . So, attempt to grab the work during campus placement.
2. Doing higher studies in Engineering (MTech/MS) – If you’ll not get good job after college, then you’ll always choose education and increase your chances of job. But it’s generally seen that only a few people have an interest in education as investing in education yield future benefits. Many colleges conduct their own test for admission but the foremost common exam for post-graduation after is Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) examination.
3. Doing MBA – Many students want to try to to an MBA after completion of their engineering course. An MBA degree after engineering is taken into account rewarding in terms of salary. Engineers with good technical skills get bored during a few years, doing an equivalent stuff, and without a management exposure, they’ll be stuck during a groove. A degree in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) gives you more exposure in making your career and helps you earn more money. Also, it happens that the majority engineering students come from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges and an MBA degree from renowned institute in India/abroad can add much to their resume.
In India IIMs are considered because the most prestigious business schools. To take admission in IIM you have to clear CAT(Common Admission Test)
admission in IIM you have to clear CAT(Common Admission Test)
4. Entrepreneurship – This is the simplest option for you once you have unique business idea and you’ve got also money to take a position in your business. Entrepreneurship is that the most new thing most are doing and you ought to also roll in the hay too. But don’t get over excited by the thought of becoming popular and rich in very less time. it’s going to happen but do consider this as learning opportunity.
Many who don’t have wealthy family background should join some job in order that they will earn money to take a position and gather experience about how things add corporate world. don’t start a begin just to impress someone or to be rich in very less time. Every action requires an appropriate time to offer result. Give time to your action.
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