Computer Engineering: A Field of Vast Opportunities

About Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a discipline of engineering which deals with the computers and their working and also their parts and accessories, it is the integration of electrical engineering and computer science. It includes the study of both software and as well as hardware. The computer engineers are generally responsible for writing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers they are also responsible for designing VLSI chips, analog sensors, mixed signal circuit boards and operating systems. They are also suitable for robotics research and they also monitor and control electrical systems like motors, communications and sensors.

Computer engineers have to work on both software and hardware, these are the two specialties, we discuss about them below one by one.

Computer Software Engineering

Computer software engineers are supposed to do the designing, developing and testing of a software, while some of them are design, construct and maintain computer programs for companies, they are also used to set up networks such as intranet, and also create new software or upgrade the current one, they can also try their fortune in designing of applications. To make a new software or upgrade an existing software they have to be focused on their work, they have to do coding during creation of a software during a creation of a new software they have to start the things fresh up but if they have to upgrade an existing one then first of all they have to understand the existing coding of the existing software, then after understanding that they have to keep their work in between the limits that caused due to the existing coding.

Computer Hardware Engineering

Computer hardware engineers are supposed to do the research, design, develop and test various computer equipments and their compatibility with different types of software. It could be circuit boards or microprocessors or may be routers, here also the engineers have to create new hardware equipments or update the existing one. There are two types of computer hardware engineering one is all about general equipments such as monitors, drives, keyboards, mouse, CPU (central Processing Unit) and many more while the second one is about the internal parts of CPU in depth like the processors, microprocessors, chips, circuits and many more, the chip level hardware engineering is more tough in comparison to the general hardware engineering, it needs more focus, determination, dedication towards it. Most of the hardware engineers work in research laboratories and high tech manufacturing firms.

As we all know that now a days most of the work is depend on computers and computer systems, so the need of computer engineers is also there, computer engineering is used in different specialty areas as given below:

Coding, Cryptography, and Information Protection is used to develop new methods of protecting various types of information, such as digital images, some examples of the technique are wireless communication, multi antenna systems etc.

Communications and Wireless Networks is also a part of computer engineering, this is used in advancements of telecommunications and wireless networks.

Compilers and Operating Systems focuses on development of system architecture, program analysis techniques and new techniques to make sure the quality of compilers and operating systems.

Computational Science and Engineering focuses on those computational methods which are applied to formulate and solve complex mathematical problems of physical, mathematical and social sciences, some examples of his technique are aircraft design, VLSI circuit design, radar detection system and many more.

Architecture, Parallel Processing and Dependability in Computer Systems focuses on research projects that allow for reliable, secure and high performance computer systems, some examples are creation of some new algorithm or any such thing or formula which boosts the performance of computer system.

Computer Vision and Robotics deals with the development of visual sensing technology sense, represent and manipulate the environment. This leads to the creation of some robotics device such as CCTVs and many more.

Embedded System technique deals with the improvement in speed, reliability and performance of systems, such as cell phones and many more products which are improving day by day.

Integrated Circuits, VLSI Design, Testing and CAD focuses on enhancing the speed, security and reliability of computer systems, or we can say the improvement in overall performance of computer system.

Signal, Image and Speech Processing deals with the development and improvement in human computer interaction such as communication systems, voice recognition, image recognition, fingerprint recognition and many more.

Final Words

Computer engineering is a great option for the aspirants they can go for it without any doubt but the that an aspirant need to look that he or she has to be efficient in technical subjects like maths and reasoning, the grasp on these subjects helps in learning it in a smooth way.


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