Courses For Arts Or Humanities Students

Arts or Humanities is the stream which is related to those subjects which are based on literature and those things which are non technical and most of the subjects are not related to numeric aptitude and reasoning. The subjects like history, political science, languages and many other subjects but there are some exceptions like economics and geography these subjects are technical and related to research work and many mathematical issues are required during the study of these subjects. But many universities offer geography in science stream after 12th in India. Most of the schools in India count geography as an arts subject while most of the universities count it as a science subject, so there are some exceptions but all other subjects except economics and geography, all other subjects like history, political science and other languages these emphasis more on memorizing the aspects rather than understanding that aspect.

Courses For Arts Or Humanities Students

After passing 12th from arts stream there are too many options available for the aspirants there are some traditional degree courses, some professional degree courses and some diploma and short term courses are available, there are too many courses but some of them are listed below.

BA (Bachelor of Arts) Program: BA program is a general degree course of subjects related to arts stream this is the most common traditional degree course, this is available in most of the universities and it is a 3 year undergraduate degree course.

BA (Bachelor of Arts) Honors: This is the toughest version of BA, this course is a specialized course in either of the arts stream subjects mainly in economics, political science, history and other languages. This course is also a traditional degree course and this course emphasis more on the specialization in one subject and it is more popular and give more career oriented options and is very high demanding course and this is also a 3 year undergraduate conventional degree course.

MA (Master of Arts): MA is the extended version of both BA Program and BA Honors, this is the master degree course, this is the 2 year long postgraduate degree course, this course is also a specialization course in various subjects. This course is in very high demand and very good course for the aspirants.

There are many other courses available to the arts aspirants like BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), MBA (Master of Business Administration), BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications), MCA (Master of Computer Applications), Diploma in many courses like DBA (Diploma in Business Administration), DCA (Diploma in Computer Application) and many more, Postgraduate diploma in many courses like PGDCA (Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications), PGDM (Postgraduate Diploma in Management) and much more, some courses which are available after 10th are also counted after passing 12th from arts stream like ITI (Industrial Training Institute) courses, Polytechnic (Diploma in Engineering) courses. All these courses are available after 12th arts and those students who want to prepare themselves for civil services like IPS (Indian Police Services), IAS (Indian Administrative Services) and other posts, the aspirants chose arts to prepare for these exams in a better way.

In India the competition is very tough in current era especially in academic field, so the aspirants have to choose there streams wisely according to their strengths, weaknesses and all other aspects, so that they can succeed in their chosen paths and take our country to the path of pride, glory and success. Many aspirants have a thought that the arts or humanities stream is not that much career oriented and it is only for those who are dumb and have quite low IQ (Intelligence Quotient) level, but this is a myth because every stream has its own quality and specialty and you have to match your skills with the stream then you can discover success.

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