What is The Difference Between Electrical and Electronics Engineering

It is often found that people get confused between the two branches of engineering. Well, to clear this confusion, one needs to know the basic difference between the two. At the same time, in order to know the difference between Electrical and Electronics Engineering, let us first define the two. Electrical Engineering is that field of engineering that generally is related to the application and study of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. Whereas, Electronics Engineering is that discipline of engineering wherein active and non-linear electronics as well as electrical devices and components like semiconductors, electron tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, and diodes are used in designing electronic devices, circuits, and systems.

Studying via distance mode of education can really be a good idea as it has many advantages. One can work and study simultaneously. One does not has to waste time going to college and attending regular classes. One can focus on other important works as well. One can explore career options while studying itself, as he or she has got ample of time to do so. One can study according to his or her own capacity, speed, and convenience. Even though the mode of education is distance learning but still one can always seek help and expert guidance of the mentors of the respective institute or university. Also, one can go for a part time diploma in electrical or electronics engineering.

Here are the basic points of difference between the two disciplines:

  • Electrical Engineering is the study and utilization of flow of electrons while Electronics Engineering is the study and utilization of flow of charges.
  • In case of Electrical Engineering, the study of flow of electrons is done as a conductor and insulator but in case of Electronics Engineering, the study of both flow of electrons as well as holes is done. Electrons are negatively charged and holes are positively charged.
  • Electronics Engineering is one of the branches of Electrical Engineering or it can be said that Electronics Engineering is a part of Electrical Engineering.
  • Electrical Technology is a field of engineering technology that is related to both Electrical as well as Electronics Engineering and this deals with generation, distribution, and transmission of electrical power and its usage.

Most of the modern-day appliances make the use of a combination of electronic and electrical circuitry. However, some products such as computers possess far more electronic components as compared to electrical components and large industrial sites such as factories and power stations have more electrical components as compared to the electronics one.

In short, the basic difference between the two branches of engineering is that of electrons and circuits. Also, the application of the two fields differ the two from each other. Both of them perhaps, are a good career option to go for as both have a great scope and offer promising salary packages as well. Hence, depending upon the interest, one can choose either of the two.

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