Electrical Engineering: A Field of Vast Opportunities

About Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a very vast field of engineering which consists of too many sub-disciplines such as electronics engineering, power engineering, telecommunications engineering, control systems engineering, instrumentation engineering, microelectronics engineering, and many more sub-disciplines consists to make the vast field named electrical engineering. Most of the students are confused with the terms electrical engineering and electronics engineering, electronics engineering is a part of electrical engineering and that’s why electrical engineering is a vast field of engineering. Under electrical engineering, we have to study all the aspects of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. This discipline of engineering leads to the invention of radios, telephones, transmitters, transistors, integrated circuits (IC) and many more.

Let us discuss some of the sub-disciplines of electrical engineering one by one below:

Power Engineering is related to the study of generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. It also deals with the study of making those devices which are efficient in a generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity such as transformers, motors, generators, resistors and many more.

Control Engineering is related to the study of those devices which acts as controllers of a system so that the system work or process in an already designed manner. There are too many devices which act as a controller in a system such as electrical circuits, digital signal processors, microcontrollers and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Electronics Engineering is one of the most popular sub-disciplines under electrical engineering and it is also further divided into some sub-disciplines. This is related to the study of electronic circuits and their properties, it also includes the study of its all components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors and all other remaining components of an electrical circuit.

Microelectronics Engineering is related to the study of very small components of an integrated circuit which itself act as an electronic circuit in that circuit and its design and microfabrication of these components. One of the most common microelectronic component that is used in the electronic circuit as the other circuit is semiconductor transistors and some others are resistors and capacitors.

Signal Processing Engineering is related to the study of different types of signals and their processing. Signals could be either analog or digital and both of them have their own characteristics.

Telecommunications Engineering is related to the study of the transmission of information through a medium or channel such as optical fiber or free space or any other medium.

Instrumentation Engineering is related to the study of those instruments or devices which are used to measure any physical measurement which can be described in quantity or numbers such as temperature, weight, pressure, force and many more.

Computer Engineering is related to the study of computers and all the aspects of computers such as software and hardware, their application, their use, their design, etc.

As we discussed about various sub-disciplines of engineering under the discipline of electrical engineering, we saw that it contains too many sub-disciplines, so if anyone choose for electrical engineering as his or her career then the aspirant has too many sub-disciplines to choose from, while on the other hand he or she has the option to choose a combination of sub-disciplines of electrical engineering. Electrical engineering is one of the most popular disciplines of engineering it has too many opportunities for the aspirants because day after day there are new devices and machines are discovered and most of them are electrical devices, so the importance of electrical engineers is too high.

Final Words
As we know that new electrical machines and devices are evolving day by day so the demand of electrical engineers will always sustain, so those aspirants who opt for electrical engineering have a bright future and if anyone of you planning to choose this discipline then go for it!

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