Electronics Engineering: One Of The Most Demanded Engineering Course

About Electronics Engineering
Electronics engineering is the discipline of engineering, in some universities and institutes it is treated as an independent discipline while in others it is treated as a sub-discipline of electrical engineering. Under this discipline of engineering students studies about utilization of non-linear and active electrical components such as semiconductor devices and electron tubes like diodes, transistors and IC (Integrated Circuit). These devices are used to design electronic devices, electronic circuits, and electronic systems. As we all know that as time progresses the development of human beings is also increases due to new gadgets, devices, machines and all those equipment which are useful for human beings. Every human being uses different types of electronic devices in his or her daily life such as bulbs, CFL, LED lights, floodlights for lighting in the evening and nights, these are the artificial lights, there are more electronic appliances which are very commonly used appliances such as fans, TV (Television), water motors, water purifiers, refrigerators, mobile phones and many more, without these appliances the imagination of the life of a human being is impossible even new electronics and electrical appliances are evolving day by day, so the need of electronics engineers will always sustain.

Under the discipline of electronics engineering, there are several sub-disciplines, some of them are mentioned below:

Signal Processing Engineering is the sub-discipline of electronics engineering and it deals with the manipulation and analysis of signals, the signals can be either digital signals or analog signals.

Telecommunication Engineering is the transfer and transmission of information across or through a channel or medium.

Control Engineering is the study of control systems which are present in airplanes, helicopters, and all the modern-day cars.

Instrumentation Engineering is the study of those instruments which are used to measure physical quantities such as weight, pressure, temperature, volume and many more.

Computer Engineering is the study of computers and all its related systems and applications, such as hardware, software, and many other systems.

VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Design Engineering deals with the fabrication of Integrated Circuits (IC) and various electronic components.

Electronics Engineering is available under a postgraduate degree program, post-graduate diploma program, undergraduate degree program and undergraduate diploma program. Under traditional undergraduate degree courses electronics engineering is available as B. Sc. in Engineering with Electronics as major and B. Sc. in Technology with Electronics as a major, these courses are at least 3 years long. Under traditional postgraduate degree program, it is available as M. Sc. in Engineering with Electronics as major and M. Sc. in Technology with electronics as major and these courses are 2 years long. Under the professional undergraduate degree program, you can do B.E.(Bachelor of Engineering) in Electronics or B. Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Electronics, these courses are at least 4 years long. Under a professional postgraduate degree program, you have the option of pursuing M.E. (Master of Engineering) in Electronics and M. Tech. (Master of Technology) in Electronics, these courses are 2 years long at least. There are several undergraduate diploma courses and postgraduate diploma courses available in electronics engineering, their time duration differs with the institute to institute.

As we discussed above that electronics engineering is one of the most demanded engineering course and its demand will always sustain in the whole world forever, so if you are looking to pursue any course in electronics engineering then you should go for it!

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