Entrance and Competitive Exams: A Step Towards Our Goal

India is a very densely populated country, that is why we ranked as the second most populated country on this planet, due to huge population all the citizens of our country face a really tough competition in every face of their life. As of due to this tough competition many of us remain unemployed even after good valuable qualifications, most of our youth is migrating to the western nations, such as USA (United States of America), Canada, UK (United Kingdom), Spain, France, Germany, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and other European, American and Gulf Countries. In our education system students can’t get admission to their desired courses or their desired college or both even after securing very good marks in their academic exams. Now, many institutes and colleges conduct entrance exams to give admissions to the candidates to their courses and similarly, many prestigious private companies and all the companies in government sectors conduct competitive exams for their vacant posts and under these circumstances the importance of entrance and competitive exams always growing up.

About Entrance and Competitive Exams
Entrance exams and competitive exams are pretty much same in their patterns but both of them carries a different concepts and both are totally different from each other. Entrance exams are conducted for the purpose to give admissions to the aspirants to their courses in their college or institute, while competitive exams are conducted for the purpose of filling the vacant posts for jobs. Now, we are going to discuss a bit about both these exams one by one.

Entrance Exams
Entrance exams are conducted for the purpose to give admissions to the academic courses. There are too many different entrance exams for different courses on under graduate level and as well as post graduate level, even these entrance exams are conducted for the admission process in schools too, so that they can choose those candidates who are best for their courses. Due to tough competition now a days many candidates apply for admissions to different courses and for every course applications always exceeds the available number of seats and the number of eligible candidates is also too large in comparison of number of seats, so that’s why entrance exams are conducted.

Competitive Exams
These exams are conducted to allot the vacant job posts to the aspirants, again here also the number of applicants is greater than the number of vacancies available, so the selection of candidates has been done on the basis of these exams. Again the competition is too tough for every candidate and every one who has applied wants to get the job.

Both the exams have same pattern, both are objective type papers mostly and both the exams have 3 topics in common maths, reasoning and GK (General Knowledge), these 3 topics are universal in almost every papers what differentiate them is the difficulty level of these topics. In most of the entrance exams you are required to secure more marks either you attempt more questions or less questions or how many questions of each section you attempt it doesn’t matter while in most of the competitive exams you have to secure a certain number of marks in each section to qualify it doesn’t matter that in total how much marks you secure, what exactly matters is, have you qualify in each section or not?

As we all know that both the exams helps in selection process, so if you are going for any of these exams then please take it seriously because the time management strategy will helps you the most after your knowledge, IQ level and your speed, so if you are looking for some good course or any fine job then go for it!

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