How Digital India Project Helps Students

Launched on July 1 2015, Digital India is a great initiative taken by the Government of India which aims to connect rural areas with High-speed internet networks. This scheme is to ensure that everyone in India can take advantage of digitalization. The program includes various steps which aim to prepare India for making it knowledgeable economy.

The students can reap off various benefits out of this useful scheme. Some of the important advantages that they can have include the following:

The students can preserve their documents in digital locker which helps in reducing doing paper work and accessing the essential documents wherever and whenever required.

The students can access all the relevant information online and can perform varied necessary activities online.

The students can apply the jobs online, pay fee online and can access any government site online.

The books will also be available online of any topics or subject so that the students can study anytime, anywhere.

If we say in a gist, digital India scheme has made performing every important activity online with the help of various sources available online under the Digital India scheme.

The project has included facilitating 400,000 Public Internet Access Points, Wi-Fi in 2.5 lakh schools and all universities; Public Wi-Fi hotspots for citizens, Telecom and Electronics Jobs Job creation: Direct 1.7 Cr. and Indirect at least 8.5 Cr e-Governance & eServices as per collected report. The Government of India entity Bharat Broadband Network Limited which executes the National Optical Fibre Network project will be the custodian of Digital India (DI) project.

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