How eLearning can Help in Paperless Education?

There are long term impacts of paperless education both financial and environmental. Every year innumerable sheets of paper are used in traditional style education. A statistics suggest that it takes more than hundred trees to produce the paper used in a single classroom in a year. Moreover, the process of producing paper from tree involves a lot of emission of carbon dioxide in the environment. Therefore it has become imperative to take measures to make paperless education popular. The learning is done with the help of videos, presentations and other online materials and interactive sessions which removes the need of using paper. Here is how eLearning as a paperless education option across the globe is beneficial for us.

  • eLearning Provides Flexibility

Both the students and teachers have the flexibility to complete their work as per their convenience. There is no need to sit on a class and take notes. The teacher can submit their presentations and other notes as per their convenience, which the students access.

  • Easy Access to Learning Material

With eLearning, a number of people can use the same resource simultaneously. This is not possible with traditional style learning. For instance, there need to be only one copy of the material that can be downloaded by several people at the same time. On the other hand, in traditional learning, each student has to buy his or her own book.

  • Easy Submission of Assignments

With eLearning you have to submit your assignments online, which can be accessed by the professor conveniently. No more paper submission and worries about lost assignments.

  • Group Effort

eLearning helps in creating collaboration and interaction among the students and teachers. There are discussion forums, where the students can share their knowledge with others to enhance the learning process.

  • Information Access

Students as well as teachers have the instant access to all the information they require from across the globe. No need to carry heavy books or locate a library for extra reading, as you can get everything you need with a few simple mouse clicks.

  • Connectivity

eLearning increases the connectivity between students and teachers regardless of their location. The student can submit their queries at private message boards or through emails, eliminating the limitations of geographical boundaries.

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