How to Become Successful In NERIST Entrance Examination (NEE Examination)?

Conducted by NERIST every year, NERIST exam is specially meant for those who want to take admission in into Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs of different Technology and Science stream. Aspirants who want to take admission into Base Module in Technology, Base Module in Forestry, Diploma Module in Technology, Degree Module in Forestry or Degree Module in Technology need to clear the NERIST entrance examination.

To become successful is the biggest challenge and concern of aspirants. But anything is attained with strong determination and consistent efforts. If you want to crack NERIST exam, first thing that you will have to do is make an excellent command on the area of your study. Here is scheme of examination so that you can prepare the exam as per requirement:

There are basically three sections-Section –a, b & c.

The subjects and division of marks shall be as given below:

Section a (Physics): 45 marks

– 25 questions of 1 mark each

– 10 questions of 2 marks each

Section B (Chemistry): 45marks

– 25 questions of 1 mark each

– 10 questions of 2 marks each

Section C (Mathematics): 60 marks

– 30 questions of 1 mark each

– 15 questions of 2 marks each

Therefore, prepare for your exam keeping mind the pattern of exam and be consistent and determined about your studies.

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