Is Correspondence Course Feasible for Engineering?

In the modern arena of education, almost every course is being provided at distance learning mode. This makes it easy for the students to do a job or undergo vocational as well as various professional courses along with a degree, diploma, or a certificate being offered as a distance education course. Also, one gets the advantage of learning and receiving education sitting at home or any other corner of the world. Giving exams for online distance learning is easy as well. One simply needs to go to the allotted exam centre and sit for exam or some universities even allow online examination pattern in which the student can give the exam online.

Another advantage of availing correspondence or distance education courses is that an authentic as well as full-fledged study material is provided to the students wherein the complete text and syllabus is explained properly. This fulfills the need of a professor or a tutor. Now the question arises that if various other courses can be provided as correspondence then why not do the same for engineering. Before we look at the probable implications of doing so, let us have a look at the merits and demerits of offering a correspondence or a distance course for engineering.

Distance Learning Engineering COurses

Engineering is considered such a discipline that provides the youth a lucrative study option. Well, providing a distance learning course in engineering would be a good idea to go for as the students who cannot seek admission to regular colleges due to some or the other reason and have keen interest as well as skills related to mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, robotics, electrical engineering, and so on. As the current world is growing at a fast pace, chances to build a mechanical system are increasing as well. The students or the human resource who can best be fitted to such system must have an access to such opportunities and this can be done by providing them proper education in engineering field through distance learning mode.

All in all, correspondence course for engineering is absolutely feasible and must be offered to the students at large. This would solve the problem of imparting quality education to more and more people in the country and develop bright career prospects for the coming generation. The aspiring engineers may see this as the road that leads them to success and makes their dream come true.

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