Is Part Time Mechanical Engineering Course Is Better Than Full Time?

The world cannot live without mechanical engineers. Aviation, shipping, automobile, and manufacturing: everyone requires experts from this field. However, the students who want to advance in this field are often caught in the dilemma whether part-time course is better or full time. Here is a quick comparison of the two.

  • Commitment requirement: part-time mechanical engineering course requires a totally different commitment level as compared to full-time. For the full-time students, study is supposed to be their main focus and thus they have to show full commitment; they usually cannot be a part of anything else that takes up a lot of their time. Besides the time spent in the classroom they also have to study afterwards and find time to finish the assignments. Part-time students, on the other hand, can devote time to other things and take, let’s say one or two classes a week.
  • Course Duration: Part-time mechanical engineering students devote much less time to study and classes as compared to the full-timers. So, it means that the course duration for them is much longer. For instance, if a full-time course takes two years to complete, the same part-time course may take four years. It all depends upon your personal goals and priorities. If you cannot let go of the work or other commitments, part-time may be the only choice for you. However, if you can devote all the time, it is best to go for full-time mechanical engineering.
  • Cost: The cost of the mechanical engineering course depends largely upon the number of classes taken. The more classes you are a part of, more money you will need to spend. This simply means that the full-time students need more money for the course than the part time students. There is another very important thing to consider. Usually the part-time students are not able to apply for full-time course as they have a job. This also means that often they are able to pay for their studies as well. So, they are able to lessen the financial burden and may not even need the loan. Full-time students often have to explore the avenues to get financially aid their studies.
  • Availability: Availability is another factor that needs to be taken into account. Not all the colleges or universities offer both, full-time and part-time, mechanical engineering courses. While there are some institutes that offer only full-time, there are others that primarily focus on the part-time courses. But, the fact is that most of the colleges offer full-time courses and it may be hard to find a good institute with good part-time curriculum. You may need to research a bit harder if you are thinking about enrolling into part time mechanical engineering course.
  • Opportunities: Technically speaking, the part-time students are eligible for just about every job opportunity as their full-time counterpart. However, the biases do exist. Many individuals or organizations do not consider the part-timers to be as competitive as the full-time students. Therefore, as a part time student you may have to work a bit harder to prove yourself.
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