Jobs After M.E./M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Mother Branch
Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branch in engineering, but it truly relates the saying “Old is Gold”. And hence we can say that it is the golden branch of engineering. It is also cited as the mother of all engineering disciplines as it links all branches together and imparts base for all engineering education.

Everlasting Scope
Another remarkable advantage of Mechanical Engineering is that its scope is everlasting. And masters in mechanical engineering can get career placements in almost every sector, from steel industry to automobile and from construction to software. They have tremendous job opportunities in public sector & in private sector, in India as well as abroad.

Private Sector Jobs
In private sector, you can expect more salary than that of the government sector. Students with a post graduate degree in mechanical engineering or an additional degree in management can try finding jobs in the managerial level of some popular companies in private sector. Also, they can choose to go for industry research. Some opportunities are:

  • Get jobs in major mechanical companies in India such as: Siemens, Indian Oil, Tata Motors, Larsen and Toubro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Toshiba and Reliance Industries etc.
  • Major IT companies such as Wipro & IBM take masters of mechanical engineering in their software division which supports big automobile firms like Ford etc.
  • Get jobs in logistics & auto engineering firms as consultant.
  • Teaching as asst. professor in engineering colleges.
  • Major industries in private sector suitable for M. Tech. degree holder in mechanical engineering are: Automobile, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical and Construction etc.

Government & Public Sector Jobs
A government sector job is considered more safe & secure in comparison to private sector jobs, but you have to keep in mind that salaries in government sector are not as high as in private sector. The pay scale, in government sector, is fixed regardless of your graduation school. And the increment too is lesser. Freshers can join as Junior Engineers and can get promoted to profiles of Assistant Engineers & Executive Engineers in the public sector mechanical firms. Superintendent Engineer is the top most position a master in mechanical engineering can get. Some of the popular industries in the govt. sector are:

  • Public Sector Undertaking (PSU)
  • India Defense Services
  • India Railways/Metro Rail
  • Government Power & Energy Organizations
  • State Government – engineering division

In addition to that, good mechanical engineers are very important in the field of agriculture as they are needed to manufacture and design the equipments to enhance crops yield.

Jobs Overseas
As discussed earlier, there are a lot of job opportunities abroad for M. Tech/ME in mechanical engineering. All this is because of the presence of enormous companies outside India. United States, Japan & Korea are some of the countries where post graduate in mechanical engineering, distinctively specialized in automobile engineering, can find good jobs. Many leading international companies hire good mechanical engineers for research purposes. Also, there are a number of excellent quality mechanical research centers abroad. One of the top notch firms that hire masters in mechanical engineers is Ford.

So, get an M. Tech degree in mechanical engineering, burn the midnight oil and see your career reaching new heights. All the Best!

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