Mathematics: An Ocean Of Opportunities

About Mathematics
Mathematics is one of the oldest branches of human knowledge, we can say it is as old as the human civilization. The word “Mathematics” is derived from Greek word “Mathema” and its meaning is “always ready to learn”. Basically Mathematics is a study of numbers and numbers can be derived in quantity, measurement, structure etc. and their operations, relationships etc. Mathematics is almost used in every aspect of life and mostly in all professions, like in medical sciences, economics, accounting, engineering, statistics and many more.

Mathematics is of two types that are pure and applied, let us we discuss about both of them briefly below.

Pure Mathematics is the study of all aspects of mathematics such as natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, complex numbers, algebra, sets, functions, range, domain, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and many more aspects and operations, research on them to find something new that is totally devoted to the mathematics first thereafter to any other.

Applied Mathematics is the application or use of mathematical methods in medical sciences, engineering, technology, economics and other fields to reach the optimum result or near to that optimum result as we can say that the use of calculus in economics and engineering, both engineering and economics are different fields but both are using same mathematical method of mathematics known as calculus.

Career Opportunities as Mathematics Professional

Mathematician – A person whose primary focus of study is maths and he/she research on various aspects of maths and they always try to come with new problems and their solutions to explore and elaborate the world of mathematics.

Engineer – An engineer also uses maths in his/her work, as we all know that engineering has various fields so, different engineering field require different maths, like the use of calculus in civil engineering etc.

Scientist – A scientist is a person who elaborate and explore the world of science which include any branch of science such as chemistry, physics, medical sciences, engineering, geology, botany, astronomy and many more, they use different mathematical methods to come with the solutions of new problems and other theories.

Operation Research Analyst – This is concerned with the managerial problems and their solutions by the use of various mathematical models and sets the analysts come with the solutions to managerial problems.

Economist – An economist studies about the economic and financial conditions and applies various mathematical methods to come up with the solutions to the economic problems.

Statistician – Statistics is a branch of mathematics itself and a broad field of maths comprises with various mathematical methods, statistician is an analyst who prepares report with the help of various diagrams, graphs, charts, bars etc.

Researcher – A researcher is the one who explore the world with the surroundings and try to elaborate them with the help of various mathematical methods and other methods to cope up with the problems and questions.

Mathematics is a field of study which requires lot of hard work, dedication, devotion and focus, moreover you need to be logically sound and have the ability to think innovative and also have the passion for numbers, with all these qualities you can be successful in the field of mathematics, so ready to take the challenge of mathematics accept it!

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