Is Doing MBA After Engineering Worth It?

Enrolling in MBA after already pursuing a degree in engineering is a huge step as achieving this feat will require a fair amount of time, effort as well as resources. Chances are that you are at a point in your life where you are facing the dilemma of whether you should avoid MBA or take the leap of faith and go for it. You can reach this point at any stage in your life. You can be a freshly graduated engineer wondering what will be better, a job or another degree, or a corporate job employee with some work experience attracted to business field or in any other situation desiring an MBA.

Benefits of MBA After Engineering

MBA can be a benefit in most if not all situations for an engineer. Adding a Master’s degree to your resume will only help in getting you a high paying job.  Highly successful businessmen like Sundar Pichai who famously earned the job of CEO at Google, Indra Nooyi who is CEO of Pepsico have a degree of MBA. That alone should justify the magnanimous prosperity that MBA can provide.

Below Are Some Of The Pointers Which Makes Mba Worth It

Exposure Towards Business Field

MBA will provide you an exposure that you could never experience in a B. Tech. regardless of the university. You will get to learn the structure of a company and how a company with a vast number of employees, multiple branches located over distant geographical locations is able to work as a single unit.

Necessary For Start-ups

India has become the breeding ground of stinting innovations and it won’t be a surprise that you too are motivated to build your own start-up. But in a competition of this intensity MBA can assist in providing a lead as you will have the knowledge of developing a product that you learned in engineering and the business sense gained from MBA.

Boost The Speed of Your Promotions

It is a well-known fact that in any job after B. Tech. the chances of promotion are either slim or it is time consuming. Sometimes your job profile remains the same even after you switch companies. Business field offers you better opportunities as you can join higher ranks in lesser time as compared to an engineering job.

Avoiding Technical Field

If you are exhausted by the type of work you had to do in a technical job or you realized that you are no longer interested in this lane then MBA is a good choice for you. Business field will allow you to deal with people in a way that you haven’t till now. In a technical job you are supposed to play your part in the development of a product whereas a business job might demand you to negotiate with other business people.

Build Confidence

Any job in business field requires a personality with a charm. Enrolling in MBA will motivate you to work on yourself physically as well mentally which can lead to you maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you will have to deal with other people on daily basis your communication skills will improve dramatically and have a chance to express yourself.

Pursuing an MBA does not mean that you will have to completely neglect what you learned in engineering. There are multiple fields within MBA that you can choose as per your interest. On top of that, age is just a number when it comes to pursuing MBA. From young graduates, to experienced former employees, to retired from army can be seen sharing seats. MBA can open new doors into your career that can not only pay you more but also help in reaching new heights

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