Mechanical Engineering: One of the Broadest Engineering Disciplines

About Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines, it is the application of engineering techniques and technology, physics and science to develop, design, analyze, produce, observe and maintain the mechanical systems, tools and machines. It requires to understand the core concepts and principles of physics and technology correctly to apply them for producing a new mechanical tool or modify an old one.

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, developing and producing a new or modifying an old mechanical system such as manufacturing plants, heating and cooling systems, robotics, transport systems, watercraft, medical devices, weapons, industrial equipment and machinery, aircraft and many more.

In our country if you are looking towards a career in mechanical engineering then go for it, as we all know that every human being has some basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter, now to complete these demands mechanical engineering plays a vital role, as we all know food is agricultural product so the agriculture sector needs mechanical tools such as water irrigation plants and many more, for clothes manufacturing plants are required and to set up a manufacturing plant again mechanical engineering plays a role for shelter we all need home many tasks during construction of a home requires machines such as stone cutter and many more all these are here just because of mechanical engineering.

If you want to be a mechanical engineer then you have many options to become, after 10th you can go for diploma in engineering but you have to study English, Maths and Science as your subjects in 10th after 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English can go for under graduate courses such as BE (Bachelor of Engineering), B Tech (Bachelor of Technology), B Sc (Bachelor of Science) in Engineering and B Sc (Bachelor of Science) in Technology, after graduation you can go for courses such as ME (Master of Engineering), M Tech (Master of Technology), M Sc (Master of Science) in Engineering and M Sc (Master of Science) in Technology, even you can go for further studies such as M Phil (Master of Philosophy) and there after PhD (Doctor of Philosophy).

Mechanical engineering has several sub disciplines some of them are discussed below:

Mechanics is the study of forces and their effects on matter, it is used to predict and analyze the deformation and acceleration of objects and matters under the forces known. It has also several sub disciplines named as statics, dynamics or kinetics, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, kinematics and continuum mechanics.

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanics and electronics, it is the inter sub discipline of mechanical, electrical and software engineering which is concerned with the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering to create hybrid systems which can be controlled by electric motors and other various electrical systems with the help of a special software, one common example is CD-ROM.

Robotics is the application of mechatronics to create robots and robots can be of any shape and any size but they can interact with any one physically because they are pre programmed to do so.

Structural Analysis is the branch of mechanical and as well as civil engineering and it is used to examine that why and how the objects fail and what to do and how to fix the errors so that the objects didn’t fail any further.

Thermodynamics is an applied science and it is the study, use of energy and its transformation through a system, it is actually the change in the form of energy from one to another and most common example of thermodynamics is automotive engine.

Design and Drafting are the technical drawing to design products and create instructions for manufacturing parts. They design the instructions on the drafter with the help of various tools used in designing on a drafter.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most demanded and evergreen engineering courses as we discussed above, so if any one of you want to be a mechanical engineer then you have a really bright future.

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