Regular Learning: An Orthodox Way of Learning

What is Regular Learning?
Regular learning is the most orthodox way of learning. Under this scheme of study you have to do so many things which you have not to do under distance learning education scheme. Under this scheme of study you have to go to college or school or institute regularly, you have to attend classes regularly and you have to touch the parameter which has been set for the minimum attendance by the governing body. In this scheme of learning a student has to get admission in to a school or college or admission then have to attend a minimum number of classes to get a seat in upcoming exams. There are so many teachers, mentors etc are available to observe you.

Regular Learning could be done in schools, colleges and institutes. All these bodies have almost similar patterns of study and learning. They all conduct classes on daily basis according to rules and regulation it could be Monday to Friday or may be Monday to Saturday. But still they have some differences between them. We are now going to discuss about these bodies one by one below.

School is the first step of official education of an aspirant. In our country there are huge number of schools. There are different types of schools, every school has its own identity. Let’s discuss on different types of schools.

General Classification of Schools

  • Public or Government Schools: These schools are funded by government, all the facilities like books, mid day meal has been provided by government at free of cost or at very nominal fee. These schools have been funded by state government or central government.
  • Private Schools: There are too many private schools which provide education. But they charge a lot of fees for this. The amount of fees has been increased with increase in facilities. Most of the parents and guardians send their children to private schools.
  • International Schools: These are the schools which are funded from overseas.
  • Open Schools: These are the schools in which there is no need to attend any class. You can directly take the exams.

Classification on the basis of education system

  • Pre Schools: These are the play schools to make children learn new thing at a very early age.
  • Kindergarten: These schools are for those children who try to learn about their basic studies. From Nursery to KG or UKG or Prep 1 to Prep 3.
  • Primary Schools: This school is classified from first to fifth class or standard.
  • Middle School: From sixth to eighth class or standard.
  • Secondary Schools: Class or standard ninth and tenth.
  • Senior Secondary Schools: Eleventh and twelfth class or standard.

This is the next step of education for an aspirant. Colleges are affiliated to any university and mostly they provide degree courses, under graduate degree courses and post graduate degree courses. Colleges could be under government university or a private university. Government universities charge less fees in comparison to private universities. Some universities are under state government while some are centralized universities, means they are funded by central government.

These are autonomous educational bodies. They mostly provide diploma courses. These courses are could be of long term or short term. Time period depends on the curriculum of course. These are generally either private or government aided. Some institutes are also affiliated with universities. Those institutes provide degree courses too. For under graduate program they provide diploma while for post graduate program they provide post graduate diploma.

In my opinion every student has to opt for regular course. Because in this scheme of study you are going to observed by someone. So, you have more chance to evolve yourself. You can understand things in your way and as well as your mentors way. Thus keep it in your mind and hope for the best to happen, wish you a very good luck!

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