Some Universal Courses After 12th

In India there are too many students who appeared for class 12th exams every year, there are 3 main streams named as science which includes medical and non medical as its sub streams, commerce and arts which is also known as humanities and there are some vocational streams are also available such as IT (Information Technology) etc. So, for every stream there are some courses which are offered to only the stream related aspirants, such as engineering is for non medical students, medical is for medical students, entrepreneurship means B Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is for commerce students and science students and some BA (Bachelor of Arts) courses are also available with terms and conditions. But there are some professional degree courses, traditional degree courses and diploma courses are in the market which are in reach of almost every 12th passed student.

Now we are going to discuss about some of the courses which are in reach of every 12th passed student and are popular amongst all students assuming that student has studied English as one of his or her academic subject during 12th.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a professional degree course available in almost all private and government university in India, is also one of the most popular under graduate professional degree course. This course is all about business management, administration, marketing, promotion and other entrepreneurship related activities. This is a 3 year under graduate course which is divided in 6 semesters of 6 months each, To pursue this course you have to study English in class 12th and this is the only necessity, some of the universities conduct entrance exam to allot admissions to the aspirants according to their ranks. This course is also available in the form of distance learning.

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is also a professional degree course available in almost all universities in India. This is also one of the top courses in our country. This is a professional degree course designed for IT (Information Technology) sector. This is all about computer applications which includes study of software, its development and its application, programming, web designing and development. This is a 3 year long under graduate course which is consists of 6 month long 6 semesters and its available to all those students who have studied class 12th with English as a compulsory subject.

LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law) is one of the old and evergreen professional courses of our country, there is always a demand of legal representatives and other legal officials in different fields so the need of lawyer, barrister and judge will always sustain, so that is why this is an evergreen course. This is related to thorough study of laws and its corresponding sections its implications, applications and execution to maintain the law and order of our country. The eligibility to pursue this course is that you have to be a graduate and the duration of course will be 3 years but you can directly pursue it after passing 12th but the duration of course will stretch from 3 years to 5 years.

BA (Bachelor of Arts) is the only traditional degree course which can be pursued by any 12th passed aspirant, but please don’t mash it up with BA Honors, honors comes with some limitations and other necessities so it is not in the reach of every 12th passed student but BA is in reach of every 12th passed student. This is the course which is available in all universities in India. This is a course which is known to be the best for those students who are going to prepare for civil services, because in this course you can earn the knowledge that is going to help you in you preparation for exams of civil services.

Various diploma courses are also available for 12th students diploma courses provides the huge variety of courses to choose from them and they could be related to any stream after passing 12th with arts stream you can go for DE (Diploma in Engineering) provided by polytechnic and other institutes and there are some more courses such as DBA (Diploma in Business Administration), DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) and many more. Time period varies from course to course and institute to institute, but mostly the time range is from 1 year to 4 years.

These universal courses are very helpful for those students who are looking to go for job in their near future, therefore these courses provide that kind of knowledge that will help you for sure in your near future for your job. As we all know that most of them are professional courses so that these courses are designed to make you ready for job just after your course. So, go for the course that suits you the best.

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