Statistics: A Field With Numerous Opportunities

Statistics is a mathematical science, which deals with the study of collection, analysis, interpretation, organization and presentation of data. Statistics is mostly used in surveys like population census and many more. Statistician has to do the research work most of the times and he/she has to bring out an optimum result, which will benefit everyone. All the corporate houses, big firms have their own team of researchers which include one or more statistician(s). They are supposed to collect the data of growth, development, sale, loss, profit an all the aspects which have a direct or indirect influence on his/her company, after collecting them they have to study them thoroughly and with the help of statistical tables, graphs and equations they find an optimum result which can satisfy both the supplier and customer, they try to reach an optimum point known as market equilibrium, this point satisfies the both supplier and as well as the customer.

Every field is incomplete without statistics because calculation, collection, analysis, evaluation of data is required at every place, either it’s in engineering field or medical, even in management field and scientists also use statistics in their work. Other courses are not that much easy we can say but the statistics is the real tough one, because of its applicability to everywhere and lot of research work.

Statistics is used with the integration of economics and mathematics most of the times, because they all complement each other, that’s why on higher level you cannot leave any one of these if you have chosen any one of them as your career option. Economists, Statisticians, Mathematicians and all the researchers use all these aspects to research and reach an optimum point of result.

Statistics is a very bright career option for any aspirant who has command over English and Maths, he/she can do well in statistics. Statisticians gets very high salary packages after their post graduation even after graduation also they can get very high packages that can be starts from Rs. 3,00,000 per year and after post graduation it starts from Rs. 5,00,000 per year, but if it has been done from a reputed institute or college then initial annual package can be huge.

Some notable courses for making a career in statistics are as follows:

B Sc (Bachelor of Science) in Statistics focuses on statistics in depth and it focuses more on its mathematical and scientific use and as well as use in economics but its core focus is on mathematics and science, it teaches us about scientific techniques and emphasis on pure knowledge most of the times.

BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Statistics focuses on applied statistics more rather than pure statistics, it emphasis its use in economics more rather than in maths and science, it is more of applied statistics rather than pure statistics.

M Sc (Master of Science) in Statistics is the upper level study of B Sc in Statistics, again it also emphasis on pure statistics rather than applied statistics.

MA (Master of Arts) in Statistics is the upper level of BA in Statistics, it emphasis more on applied statistics rather than pure statistics.

There are some more courses which have a major use of statistics on it like BA in Economics, MA in Economics, B Sc in Maths, M Sc in Maths and B Sc Actuarial Science.

Statistics has been used in various fields such as different types of surveys, population census, weather forecasting, rocket science, engineering, medical sciences, geological sciences, astronomical sciences, physics, mathematics, economics, economic plans, government budget plans, government tax plans, firm’s financial plans, firm’s economic plans and many more all these need statistics because they require collection, measurement and analysis of data and on that basis preparation of plans and how to execute those plans, without the help of statistics we can’t be able to do all these tasks.

Final Words
Statistics is a career option which has too much diverse fields since the beginning it doesn’t matter which stream you have chosen during your 11th and 12th, as we all know now a days most of the schools have English as a compulsory subject and you have to make sure that you have chosen either Economics or Maths as one of your subject or both of them with English. Statistics is a fine career option if any one of you looking towards it then go for it!

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