Trends, Challenges and Advantages in Distance learning education

Distance learning education is a concept of open learning without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher and provides self-direction to the learners.

Today Distance learning is in demand. Because of increasing student’s fees and decreased public funding for higher education, education is going less accessible. Now Distance learning education has become a necessary part of educational system. Distance education provides education to those students who have not been able to attend classes or universities due to some problems. Now a day both developed and developing countries consider distance education as a new approach of education which allows get their degree to those learners who have not been able to complete their degree via regular courses.

The main challenge of distance learning is that you can not get real time feed back from the students and teachers. There are some other challenges with distance learning education which are as follows:

  • How to improve the quality and quantity of education provided
  • How to create a skilled and qualified workforce to meet the demands of learners.
  • How to increase the possibility of research in large or small institutions
  • How to manage education and entrepreneurship in distance learning
  • You may struggle with online classes.

Why distance learning is needed?
The need of distance learning is increasing fast; there are so many reasons to increasing the need of distance learning. Some of them are as follows:

  • Distance learning program is cost effective program, generally its free or affordable access.
  • It empowers the students in fast changing economies.
  • Distance learning program is very helpful to those guys who want to continue their study during job and get their degree.

Advantages of distance learning
We know that there are lots of advantages of distance learning education. Some important advantages of distance learning are as follows:

  • Cost effectiveness of education for students.
  • Get education in new and disciplinary areas.
  • Combines education with work.
  • development of multiple competencies through recurrent and continuing education
  • Distance learning provides education to all age groups of learners.
  • Distance learning provides Speedy and efficient training.
  • Distance learning enhances access to learning and training.
  • Learner can overcome social and cultural barriers.
  • Distance learning is much more flexible than other education
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