What are The Types of Civil Engineers?

Civil Engineering is something that many of us have failed to understand it completely and properly. We will tell you why, because whenever we hear or talk about civil engineering then the only thing hit our minds are dams, bridges, building and overall infrastructural things. But remember that it’s not just up to only these things. Civil engineering has not developed just in yesteryear; in fact, it is in demand for many years and has become the optimal choice of the graduates.

Civil engineering is a broad term that has been divided into many sub parts. Basically, civil engineers are of 6 types which we are mentioning below in this article;

Structural Engineers– These engineers have specifically the work of designing and analyzing the structures of tall buildings, bridges and flyovers, etc. They also analyze that how can these structures hold up in case any natural calamity occurs like earthquake, tsunami, heavy winds, etc. They ensure that which and what kind of material has to be used for a particular structure and thus, they are consulted as the advisers when it comes structural development.

Geotechnical Engineers– Geotechnical engineers are trained to provide services to science and technology in the formation of their projects and finding the solutions of the problems relating to geology. Basically, their work is to build tunnels in mountain areas or underwater, dams, etc. it is expected that they have a wide knowledge of soils at the construction area.

Environmental Engineers– These engineers have the knowledge of environmental development and they work to improve it. They analyze problems related to the environment and find solutions for it. This involves the principle of science, hydrology, and atmospheric conditions.

The main focus of an environmental engineer is on:-

  • Improvement of air and water quality
  • Treatment of water sources
  • Solid waste management

Construction Engineers– First of all, construction is involved in all civil engineering. Construction engineers are responsible for constructing roads, linking the roads, buildings or any monument. They first create the blueprint and map of whatever their idea is and then, practically implement it accordingly. They also ensure the stability of the roads on which the heavy vehicles will run.

Transportation Engineers– Transportation engineers are the ones, who take care of the transportation infrastructures such as railways, runways, highways, etc. From maintenance to coming up with new ideas to transform and improve the existing structures, everything falls in their ground. They also suggest the idea of how mass transportation can be controlled and managed.

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