What Is the Difference Between Open And Distance Learning

What is Distance and Open Learning

Open learning is provided with none preliminary qualification and knowledge . Whereas distance learning is a mode of providing programs credit based through distance learning, study material, online or correspondence, etc.
In open learning credits aren’t given, meaning non-credit based system and offer no diploma or degree.
Open learning programs are predicated on your age criteria and not required any prerequisite qualification. It’s only for professional development.
Even though open learning is only non-credit based system, many Institutes and universities in India offer open learning programs that too at degree level. for instance IGNOU or many universities offer graduate degree to students who haven’t cleared 10+2 just merely on the age criteria (One should be above 18 years).
Whereas for distance learning degree programs eligibility is analogous to full time regular course, that’s 10+2 is mandatory.

Advantages Of The Open University

1) You find out how to manage your own time so you recover at prioritising and committing yourself – it’s all about self-motivation and raw personal development. You get progressively better at adjusting to the time constraints and TMA deadlines and struggle less to urge them in on time.
“This was a key one on behalf of me as i used to be never the simplest at time management before I started on the degree path,” confessed Richard.

2) You study when it suits you as you don’t need to attend tutorials a day so you’ll get your career up and running at an equivalent time. Richard was browsing a key stage of his work life when he started at the OU and will not afford to deviate or take day off from his job therefore the study-at-home aspect was vital.

3) you’ll get help once you need it via the web forums, email and telephone, instead of having to attend to ascertain your tutor. Here the digital aspect helped Richard. “Not only was I ready to contact other students on my course locally, through the group specific to my tutor, but also across the united kingdom to talk to students from other groups. We created a bond.”

Disadvantages Of The Open University

1) You don’t have the maximum amount physical contact to create relationships with peers. this is often slightly contrary to the previous advantage but in fact less tutorials or classes means less physical meet ups with students and sessions where the tutor fleshes things call at person.

2) You need to be very dedicated and self-motivated to manage your study time and life. “While this really brought the simplest out of me,” says Richard, “it could’ve easily gone the opposite direction and seen me wilt under the constant pressure of being self-motivated.”

3) “You probably get to maneuver faraway from home and knowledge student digs, which incorporates spaghetti hoops or beans on toast, shared bathrooms and other great joys!” Slightly tongue in cheek from Richard here in fact but there’s tons to be said for the entire student experience.

Advantages Of Distance Learning

1. You’ll Pursue Employment Along Side Studies: a serious chunk of scholars who actually choose distance education are those that don’t need to offer up their jobs but need a education , too. Distance education comes as a blessing for such students

2. You’ll Save Money: For any given program, the fee of a distance education degree (online or otherwise) could also be far more affordable than the fee of a daily on-campus degree.

3. You Save Time: There is no time wasted in getting to and from college, no time wasted expecting a bus. During a distance learning program, your classroom is true in your home on your computer.

4. You’ll Learn At Your Own Pace: The prospect of going back to classroom education are often intimidating for several folks . Asking an issue or revealing that you simply are unable to understand an idea in school are often quite embarrassing for several students. Distance education involves your rescue here! If you’re self-disciplined and self-motivated, the simplest advantage of distance education is that you simply can learn at your own pace. It is a known incontrovertible fact that different people learn in several ways and at different speeds. during a classroom, when most are being taught together, it’s often difficult to possess every student on an equivalent page. Some students are too shy to boost their doubts in school. This is often where distance education has a plus over a daily campus program.

5. you’ll study whenever, wherever: Except in scenarios where you’ve got to attend a web tutorial at a given time or a lecture through videoconferencing, you’ll just about study whenever you would like to, wherever you select to. you would like not be stuck during a classroom, but can go study in your garden, on your front room couch or within the comfort of your own bed. regardless of whether you are a morning lark or an evening owl, you’ll choose an optimum time to review whenever you’re at your productive best.

6. Gaining recognition among employers: Distance education over the years has finally found some acceptance and recognition among employers, which is an encouraging sign. As long because the distance learning program is accredited, you would like not be worried. In India, all distance education programmes that are approved by the Distance Education Council (DEC) stand automatically recognized for the aim of employment to posts and services under the Central Government. Private sector employers also value a distance education degree now, and even encourage employees to pursue education along side their job in order that employees can develop skills and expertise in their field of labor .

Disadvantages Of Distance Learning

  1. Chances of distraction high: With no faculty around for face-to-face interaction and no classmates who can help with constant reminders about pending assignments, the probabilities of getting distracted and losing track of deadlines are high. you would like to stay yourself motivated and focused if you would like to successfully complete your distance learning course. Distance education isn’t an honest idea if you tend to procrastinate and can’t stick with deadlines.
  2. Hidden costs: Although the value of a distance education program is typically cheaper than a daily program, there are often hidden costs involved. for instance , if your distance learning course is obtainable online, you would possibly need to incur some initial expenses like installing a computer and getting a reliable Internet connection. you’ll got to buy additional resources like a printer, an internet camera then forth. Some expenses could be recurring, like maintenance and electricity costs.
  3. Complicated technology: Overdependence on technology are often a serious drawback in distance learning mode of education, especially when the training takes place in a web environment. Any malfunctioning software or hardware can bring an ongoing class to a standstill and interrupt the training process. Similarly, if a student isn’t computer and tech savvy, his learning experience are often dissatisfactory.
  4. Quality of college compromised: Often considered to be the lesser cousin of normal education, distance education is usually suffering from lack of enough good quality faculty members. In other cases, albeit the trainer is sweet , he or she might not be comfortable with teaching in a web environment. Sometimes the technology won’t do full justice to the delivery and style of the course. A student loses call at of these scenarios. Distance education providers should realise that it’s not the technology, but good and effective teachers that teach students.
  5. Questionable credibility of degrees: albeit distance and online education is beginning to get recognition, there are still tons of fraudulent and non-accredited degrees being offered. With the rise within the number of distance/online programs, the amount of scam operators also are rising. This affects the credibility of recognised distance learning degrees among prospective employers.
  6. Lose out on networking: the benefits of pursuing a daily programme transcend just interaction with teachers and good course content. MBA graduates from premier business schools (B-schools) in India would vouch for the very fact that the opportunities to network with established alumni, renowned faculty and industry heads go an extended way in paving a secure career. A distance learning program loses out on this vital aspect.


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