Where to Study: In University or Institute?

About Education
This is a way in which one generation transfer its knowledge to the next generation via different modes such as training, coaching, teaching, mentoring etc. Education is one of the basic rights of us. Every one needs to be educated at a certain level, because education is the necessity of current era. Without education some basic daily tasks could seem hectic. Such as medical products and cosmetic products comes up with their expiry dates. If you don’t know that what does expiry date means, then it could be the problem for you, if you use that expired product it posses an opposite effect on you, it could be your health or as well as wealth.

The mode of education has evolved from time to time. As we know in past there was a system in our country known as “Gurukul”. That was a bit similar to our modern schools like a teacher teaches a particular subject to a group of students. Now a days there are some new ways of learning are also available like e-learning, distance learning etc. There are many universities and institutes in our country providing these facilities. There is no need to present in a classroom physically to attend a class or you don’t have to go to attend class regularly and compulsory. Universities and institutes have a difference between them, we know more about that below.

In India university is a body which governs a group of college which provides both degree course programs undergraduate degree program and as well as postgraduate degree programs. Universities have been controlled by UGC (University Grants Commission) in our country. Now a days universities also offers professional courses with their degrees such as BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), MBA (Master of Business Administration), BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and MCA (Master of Computer Applications). These mentioned courses are available with their orthodox degree courses like BA (Bachelor of Arts), B Com (Bachelor of Commerce), B Sc (Bachelor of Science) and many more. Research Programs are available only in universities or research centers. Because universities provide the facilities and other required things to conduct a research program. The university always focuses on theoretical knowledge rather than practical or applied knowledge. The students who studied in any university will evolve himself or herself in terms of knowledge bank. Because they study their topic in depth mostly in form of theoretical knowledge. Universities provide pure in depth knowledge.

Institute is an autonomous body which has its own pattern of education, they provide diploma for the courses they offered. They are controlled by AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education) in India. They provide professional courses mostly but know they get affiliation with any university and offer degree courses as well. They provide diploma for under graduate programs while post graduate diploma for post graduate programs. Institutes strictly focuses on technical, applied and practical knowledge. They focuses less on theoretical knowledge in comparison to technical, applied and practical knowledge. Some of the reputed institutes in India are IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and IIT (India Institute of Technology). They gives us the knowledge with its application and execution means how can we use our knowledge in our life, how can we earn money with the help of our knowledge. Some institutes which are affiliated to any university also offers the degree programs such as BA, B Com, B Sc etc. Mostly the institute focuses that they have to produce trained professionals who can adapt the professional world very quickly.

Key Differences

  • Institutes focus on technical, applied and practical knowledge while universities focus on theoretical and in depth knowledge.
  • Mostly universities provide degree courses while on the other hand institutes provide diploma courses.
  • Universities are regulated by UGC while AICTE is responsible for the activities of institutes.
  • University is a body which governs a group of colleges while institute is an autonomous body in which there could be only one institute or a group of institutes can consists.

Final Words
Every aspirant has his/her own thought, some want to do something unique while some want to follow the trend. Every one has his/her own identity. So, what suits you the best, you are going to choose. If you want to do something unique or want to give a new thing to the pool of knowledge then opt for university but if you want to follow the trend then go for any institute. But finally its up to you then take your own decision your decision should not be governed by anybody else, it should be only your decision, after all its your life. So, Dream for the best and go for the best. Wish you all good luck.

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