Why B.Com Is Emerging As the Most Popular Under Graduate Course

Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com degree is becoming a popular choice among the students now. Here are some of the reasons why the course is emerging as the first choice for undergraduate degree.

Various Fields

A B.Com degree has a number of subjects that a student can choose. There are many specializations that are offered by this course. As such, the students can select the subject than interest them most instead of being limited with just a few options.

Career Opportunities

It offers plethora of opportunities to those students who want to make their career in business sector, economics and law. There are plenty of job opportunities in both public and private sector for commerce graduates. The career scope for commerce graduates is not limited to just a few selective paths. A B.Com student can become an accountant, legal advisor, auditor, financial expert, tax specialist and so on. The best thing about opting for a B.Com degree is that all industries and all sectors are open for commerce graduates.

Beneficial for Self Employed

A B.Com degree is as useful for self-employed people as much as it is for those who are seeking jobs. A commerce graduate learns the various nuances of trades and commerce which can be applied to their own businesses. He or she can apply for various exams like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary etc, and can establish his or her own business.

Opportunities for Higher Studies

A B.Com degree offers the student plenty of opportunities to pursue higher courses. A commerce graduate can pursue further studies in business administrations, law, accountancy, taxation and audit etc. for better career opportunities.

Developing Skills

The course is designed to understand the dynamics that drive the economical growth of an individual, organization, country and world as a whole. This helps the student in developing better skills and understandings of the ways of world trade and economics. The course can help the students to identify the issues and problems and in finding the optimum solution for it.

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