Why Education Is Important For All Of Us?

About Education
Education is a general form of learning in which a set of skill, knowledge and other information has been transferred from one generation to other, it can be of any type such as a teacher teach students, a sports coach train his/her players, one person tells story to other and many other things, or we can say that all those mediums which helps in transferring of set of knowledge, skill and all types of information from one generation to other is known as education.

Education is the fundamental right of every citizen of our country, it is very important for every one without education any one can be deceived by other person, for example suppose you are ill and you have consulted a doctor or physician and he/she prescribed medicines to you to buy them from outside from any chemist, but you don’t know anything about expiry date, now if you bought medicine which past their expiry date will harm you, so here you need the knowledge of expiry date. Now, by this example the importance of education is almost clear, but some of us get confused with literacy and education, so as I have just cleared about education a little while ago it’s time to focus on literacy, it means that one is able to read only not able to understand what the written thing means, by elaborating that above example we get that an educated person will not buy that expired medicine while the literate but non educated person can buy that medicine because he/she will match the name of the medicine from that what is written on prescription. So, the education is more important than literacy but without literacy you can’t be educated.

In India the large volume of education is still formal and in the traditional form like schools, colleges, institutes etc. But now many other forms of education are also getting introduce to Indian education system such as e-learning and other different modes of education. In our country the first step of education is schooling and thereafter you can choose college or institute as per your situations and preferences.

We will discuss in brief on our education system below:

At School
Pre School Stage – It starts from Nursery in some schools it starts from pre Nursery to KG (Kindergarten), in some schools KG is divided in two parts LKG (Lower Kindergarten) and UKG (Upper Kindergarten). Some schools follow a totally different pattern with Prep. (Preparatory) classes it’s less used in schools but it is divided as Prep.1 to Prep.3. This is all about the basic education or you can say literacy, like alphabets, spellings, sentences, numbers and their orders.

Primary School – It starts from 1st standard and up to 5th standard. The primary education about languages includes English, Hindi and any regional language (optional), Maths, GK (General Knowledge), Drawing and EVS (Environmental Studies which contains knowledge of both Science and Social Science and a bit of Computers). This is the stage where a student starts understanding his/her subjects.

Middle School – It is from 6th standard to 8th standard, here student starts learning about some additional subjects and the existing subjects get elaborate like the subjects in primary school gets elaborated like the grammar, comprehension and other operations of language, maths get more deeper with the introduction of more topics like algebra and many more. The EVS gets split in Science, Social Science and Computers, GK get more deeper, Drawing also gets more elaborate and some other additional subjects mostly the language Sanskrit or any other language which is in demand like Japanese, French or any other language or any Indian language or may be any technical subject.

High School – Standard 9th and 10th comes under high schools, these are backbones of our education system after 10th student gets his/her path to progress. In high schools the subjects are limited but they are very deep, English, Maths, Science, Social Science and one language such as Hindi, Sanskrit or any regional language is compulsory as the fifth subject, after five subjects you can choose the sixth subject as an additional subject.

Secondary School – Standard 11th and 12th are comes under secondary schools, after reaching secondary school student actually shapes his/her career, now he/she is able to understand that which career will suits him/her the best and where he/she can excel more. After completion of secondary school education one is able to step into the next level, which is college education. To give a perfect shape to your career, you need to complete the secondary school education, here the subjects get more deeper and that get splits in streams, mainly Science which has two sub streams named as medical and non medical, commerce and arts which is also known as humanities, also there are some vocational streams such as IT (Information Technology). Now the subjects gets more relevant and they are according to your chosen stream.

At College and Institute
Graduation – This comes just after the school education and it is 3 year long or 4 year long course, during school education after completion of 12th we get certificate while now we get either degree or diploma which is provided by universities and institutes. Degree courses are also known as bachelor degree courses or undergraduate degree courses while diploma courses are known as diploma courses or undergraduate diploma courses.

Post Graduation – This comes after graduation and it is 2 year long or 3 year long course, here again we earn degree or diploma after completion of our education, but these degree courses are known as post graduation degree courses or master degree courses and diploma courses are known as post graduate diploma courses.

Research Programs – These programs are the optimum level of education, after completion of post graduation an aspirant can go for any research program and earn a “Doctorate” fellowship, research program needs a long time duration and dedication.

After completion of all these stages it doesn’t means that the learning process is over actually we need to learn from our surroundings, our environment, our friends and from every moment and incident every thing can give you some knowledge, it can be in any form. So, always try to learn more and more because the knowledge always stays with us and with help of our knowledge in right direction we can succeed in our life.

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