Wildlife Related Courses: Something Off The Beat

Wildlife related courses are quite different courses, these courses are totally off the beat and that’s the reason not most of the aspirants are interested in it, but now there is a slight change in wind, now some aspirants who want to do something different or who don’t want to follow anybody else or who love to explore wildlife and its truth are opting wildlife as their career option.

Most of us think that wildlife is all about wild animals and forests only, yes that’s right but that’s not the whole truth, there are several more things that are involved in wildlife like rivers, seas, oceans, lakes, hills, mountains, deltas, valleys and much more. Wildlife is a career with many challenges and as well as opportunities, it is full of challenges to work in a places which is remote from the other world, without that much of facilities which we are used to, with the danger of wild animals or any kind of natural calamities, facing these challenges and exploring the wildlife is a work which is a bit different and interesting. One should have to be patient, energetic, smart and intelligent if wants to choose wildlife as his/her career option.

Wildlife has various career options such as wildlife photographer, wildlife explorer, wildlife specialist, wild animal doctor and many more. Now a days wildlife is not that much popular in India as it is in western countries like USA (United States of America), UK (United Kingdom), Germany etc. The thing which required to be a wildlife professional that you have the desire the passion to be a wildlife professional.

In India, Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is the autonomous institute of wildlife which comes under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. It offers most of the courses related to wildlife in our country.

There are some courses that are available in India related to wildlife are as follows:

Master’s in Wildlife Science: M Sc (Master of Science) in Wildlife Science is a 2 year full time course in wildlife science which is divided in 4 semesters of 6 months each.

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Advanced Wildlife Management: This is a 10 months long postgraduate diploma course in wildlife management and it is for those candidates who have a forestry background and for the in-service Indian Forest Service and State Forest Service Officers of the rank of Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF)/Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) and equivalent.

Certificate Course in Wildlife Management: This is a 3 months long certificate course in wildlife management and it is for the in-service Officers of the rank of Range Forest Officers or equivalent.

There are some more courses which are known as the capsule courses, they are mentioned below:

  • One-week course in Wildlife Management for IFS officers
  • Two-week course in Wildlife Management for IFS officers
  • Three-week course in Wildlife Management for IFS officers
  • Two-week course in Interpretation and Conservation Education for forest officers
  • One-week course for AIS and Central Service officers
  • One-week workshop in Environment and Nature Conservation
  • Capsule course in Zoo Management

As we discussed above that wildlife is a career full of challenges and new experiences, so those aspirants who love to face challenges and adventure and love to get new and unique experiences are tailor made for this career. Choose this new career option and feel free to explore.

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